We are a handyman service in Pasadena Texas whose goal is to get stuff done around your home you don’t wanna do, don’t know how, or you got yourself in trouble for not fixing it last Saturday. Here you can get an estimate and schedule Fix Crap to come out and fix crap. We have listed a number of services we provide and have probably forgot some.

If your job is not listed in our services, yours is unique in need for some Southern engineering, or you don’t want to mess around with the website get a hold of us here so we can get you fixed up.

The site is best viewed on desktop or tablet. FixCrap.us is partially public to keep user data secure and block spam bots.

You’re logged in. Your automatic 10% off discount will show in your estimate’s total plus any others.

Benefits Creating an Account:

  • Schedule
  • Service Area
  • Calculate Estimates 24/7
  • Everything is Automatically 10% off Estimate’s Total
  • Automatic Discounts Applied in Tiers of Estimate’s Total (another 5% to 15% off)
  • All Discounts are Combined. e.g. 10% + 15% = 25% off
  • 65-79 year old 15% off (how-to in auto email sent upon registering)
  • 80-89 year old 25% off (how-to in auto email sent upon registering)
  • 90 and up year old. Free service. Possible materials cost if we can’t afford it. (use contact form or call)
  • Your own paid by Fix Crap secured cloud storage that contains info for each of your jobs. E.g. image of serial number, model number, warranty info, instructions…
  • Please check your email spam if you haven’t received one.

Out fixing crap hours are Mon-Fri 10am until 5pm-ish.

Estimate call backs are Mon-Fri 9am until 4pm

Estimate e-mail and text replies are Mon-Sat 9am until 9pm

Receive a documented estimate* here 24/7

Thank You! – Shawn

We prefer checks, cash or pre-planned tacos. Credit cards if you must.
The cost to use a credit card continues to rise without any real security, convenience or benefit.

Note: Due to potential unseen and or unique issues some jobs may require a change order. Therefore all estimates are non-binding. Binding obligations are done on the invoice in person. Change orders hardly happen, but if there is a reason for a change order we’ll get approval from you before continuing.

We are a company.

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