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Computer and Electronics Repair

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This service is to diagnosis and fix your computer and or related problems.
Internet Connection
TV box
Setup Hardware
Software bug
and many more.

This is a very broad category and can be a gamble.
Before ordering this service I highly recommend calling the service provider or the maker of the hardware if it is under warranty.
Keep in mind electronics get outdated fast. It is sometimes less expensive to buy new (I’ll let you know).

Pricing Structure
1. I show up and diagnosis your problem $40.
2. You want me to fix your problem then we’ll agree on a price. Cost could be $40 and up but number 1 is no longer on the bill.
3. If it turns out I am not able to fix number 2 like I said I could you are charged nothing. I go home defeated…

We’ll bring:
-Tools and PC to diagnosis or tablet if needed.
Your Responsibility:
– Provide a clear and animal-free area to perform the chore.

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