Pickup Job Materials

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This service is for Fix Crap to get the materials for your job.

Mostly based on the time it would take to get materials to your home.

If you are not sure don’t worry about it we’ll let you know before hand.

It is a flat fee on the final invoice. $25 (Fix Crap’s bank account)

Plus if any, receipt’s total. A separate payment to Shawn absolved from Fix Crap’s bank account. (Shawn’s bank account)

Some Examples:

1. You need a part on Amazon we buy it and have it shipped. You pay: invoiced fee $25 + receipt’s total paid to Shawn

2. You are not sure what is needed to fix your job. I go buy and pickup what you need. You pay: invoiced fee $25 + receipt’s total paid to Shawn

3. I go to Home Depot and pickup items you bought online waiting in will-call. You pay: invoiced fee $25

4. It’s something at my hardware store on the corner. You pay: receipt’s total paid to Shawn

5. You need a part and not sure what one. Stop, contact me with model number, I’ll research it, and point you in the right direction. Free

6. Your job needs a couple screws. Free

Left over materials stay with you.

The receipt stays with you for warranties if any.

Note: Needs to be set up before we schedule to come out if not something as simple as a box of screws.