Pressure wash deck per sq. ft.

Priced per square foot here’s how to get that number. Measure how long it is from one side of the deck to the opposite side of the decks farthest point. Lets say it’s 16 feet. Remember that. Now measure the adjacent side of deck the same way, it’s longest points. Lets say it’s 19 feet. Multiply your two numbers and that’s the your deck’s square feet. 16 x 19 = 304 sq ft Put the square foot of your deck in the box below and look at “View Estimate” to see your discounted price.

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– Pressure wash deck and includes rails.

– Supply pressure washer.

Your Responsibility:

– Supply water source.

– Provide cleaning solution, if desired. We don’t recommend chemicals because we haven’t found chemicals keep the mold and dirt off noticeably longer w/o using chemicals. Stains and sealers would be more appropriate for stretching times between cleaning.

– Provide clear and animal-free area to perform job.