Pressure wash driveway

Most driveways are separated by wood/rubber spacers that makes a bunch of large squares. A typical two car driveway will have 6 squares around 12′ X 12′. Put your number of squares in the box below and look in your “View Estimate” for your discounted price to pressure wash your drive. If this doesn’t pertain to you contact us.

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-Scrub in a dose (up to one gallon) of Fix Crap’s sauce on tough spots. Usually it’s oil spot problems.

-Apply layer of 10% sodium hypochlorite to eliminate living mold. Before or after. We suggest after.

– Pressure wash driveway.

Your Responsibility:

– Supply water source.

– Provide clear and animal-free area to perform job.

Note: Spots, mostly oil can be an issue removing completely. The longer it sits in Texas heat the more it’s not coming up. We can resurface the spot with a shot blaster but that will leave a white spot different in shade on the rest of the driveway. In short there is a point of no return with some spots without resurfacing the whole driveway. We are pretty proud of deleting spots but I don’t want to get your hopes up before I work on it.

If you see an oil spot the best thing you can do is squirt dish soap on it, scrub it in, and wash it off ASAP. Or call us.